Why Use Shopify for Building a Store?

The statistics shows that over 10% of online stores are built on Shopify platform today. This number is expected to grow in the nearest future. It’s pretty clear that Shopify has become the most popular platform for developing eCommerce sites.  

The big question is – what makes Shopify so special? Now, it’s time to get the answer. There are many reasons why so many people use Shopify for building online stores.

The reality is, Shopify provides online store owners with a great number of significant advantages. Today, we are going to tell you about the key benefits of using Shopify for developing online stores.

1) Shopify offers plenty room for store customization

With Shopify, you’ll find it easy to create an online store that fits your needs. There is no shortage of Shopify themes available. So, it will not take you too long to pick a theme that meets your store’s design preferences. Plus, there is plenty of Shopify plugins available that you can use to extend your ecommerce site’s functionality. It’s possible to integrate various payment gateways into a Shopify store.

2) Shopify is an affordable solution

Shopify platform provides online store owners with its own Customer Management System. It’s also important to note that you will get quality hosting for an online store if you decide to take advantage of Shopify. That means that you will be able to lower your website development costs dramatically if you choose to build your store with Shopify.

3) Shopify is a fast solution for business owners who need an online store

It’s fair to say that Shopify platform makes the process of building ecommerce site simple. Shopify has all the necessary features that your online store needs. So, it will not take you too much time to get an online store designed and developed for your business.

4) Shopify stores are SEO optimized

Keep in mind that the vast majority of Shopify themes have been developed with SEO in mind. It’s worth noting that Shopify stores have a SEO friendly structure. Therefore, you’ll find it easy to optimize your ecommerce site’s pages for target keywords and get your store on top in the search engines.

5) Shopify stores are mobile friendly

As you probably know, the global mobile traffic is constantly growing. More and more people choose to browse the Internet on their mobile devices these days. That’s why it’s so important for you to have an online store that looks great on different types of mobile devices. You need to know that Shopify themes are fully responsive, so you shouldn’t worry about this problem.

It’s pretty clear that Shopify delivers multiple significant benefits to people, who need an online store for their business. Shopify would be the perfect choice if you are searching for a platform to start an online ecommerce business quickly and successfully. Hire highly skilled Shopify professionals, who can create an online store that meets your business needs!

At Ariacal, we have many years of experience in developing, customizing, managing and promoting Shopify stores for different types of businesses. Contact us today to learn more how we can help you grow your ecommerce business with our Shopify services!    

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