Most Common Pay-Per-Click Management Mistakes to Avoid

Pay-per-Click advertising delivers multiple significant benefits to businesses. If you run a campaign successfully, Pay per Click advertising will provide you with high return on investment. So, you should aim to run your PPC campaign in the most effective way.  

On the other hand, you may waste your time and money if you run your Pay per Click advertising incorrectly. That’s why you should avoid making most common PPC mistakes when running a Pay per Click advertising campaign. The reality is, such mistakes can be very costly. Obviously, you should know PPC mistakes and how to avoid them.

In today’s post, we’ll tell you about the most common PPC mistakes to avoid when running a Pay per Click advertising campaign. These are PPC mistakes you are probably making. But most importantly, we’ll give you Pay per Click management tips and explain how to avoid most common PPC mistakes. Follow these tips to develop a Pay per Click marketing campaign that works and get the most out of your advertising efforts.        

Picking Wrong Keywords and Targeting a Broad Audience

Oftentimes, advertisers pick the wrong keyword when promoting their businesses with Pay per Click advertising solutions. As a result, they target a broad audience and this negatively affects conversions.

If you see that a Pay per Click marketing campaign doesn’t work effectively and you don’t get sales for a long time, then you should do something about it. In this case, you should try to target other keywords and narrow down the target audience.  

Creating PPC Ads Which are Not Relevant to Your Landing Pages

It’s important to create Pay per Click Ads with landing pages in mind. Bear in mind that you’ll not get sales if PPC Ads are not relevant to your landing page. Your landing page has to contain exactly what people expect to see. So, create Pay per Click Ads that match your landing pages.   

Creating Low Quality Landing Pages

If people click on Pay per Click Ads, go to your business site and see low quality page then they are likely to leave your site and choose your competitors. Your job is to create a well-designed landing page that matches Pay per Click Ads. Such a landing page will convert traffic into sales well.  

Using Auto-Bidding Option All the Time

It’s a great idea to use auto-bidding option if you’ve just launched a Pay per Click advertising campaign. However, you shouldn’t use auto-bidding for a long time. Later, you need to run a campaign manually and control everything by yourself.

Directing Traffic to Site’s Homepage

Traditionally, advertisers direct Pay per Click traffic to site’s homepage. However, it’s a big mistake. You should make it easy for visitors to find the necessary products or services on your site.

It’s a good idea to direct PPC traffic to the homepage only if you promote a business or brand name. Direct Pay per Click traffic to web pages which are relevant to your PPC ads.

Let’s say that you are promoting the products of a certain category on a website. In this case, you need to direct PPC traffic to the web page of this product category. Or, maybe, you are promoting the certain page with Pay per Click Ads? If this is a case, you should direct your PPC traffic to a product page.      

Not Running a Remarketing Campaign

Some people don’t run a remarketing campaign when promoting their products and services with Pay per Click advertisement. However, remarketing needs to be a part of your PPC advertising campaign.

People can be busy at the moment they see your PPC Ads. Or, maybe, they have forgotten about your business for some reasons. So, it would be better to use remarketing to remind them about your products or services.    

Not Optimizing a PPC Advertising Campaign

There are the situations when people have launched a Pay per Click advertising campaign and don’t make any changes to it. Obviously, it’s not the right thing to do.

You should constantly try to make experiments and do every single thing possible to improve your PPC marketing campaign. If things don’t go as planned with your Pay per Click advertising campaign, then you should try to target other keywords or update your landing pages, create other PPC ads, etc. Running PPC Ads campaign can be hard particularly if you have never done this before.

Do you need help you Pay per Click advertising? Contact us today! At Ariacal, we are always looking forward to helping you with any of your Pay per Click advertising needs! 

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